V16 Car Emergency Lights

Item No: 853

Product Description

V16 Car Emergency lights

Meets: V16 Approved

LED Type: 8 pcs LED

Flash Pattern: Rotating for emergency amber flashing light

Change patterns:Press ON/OFF button to Rotating

Voltage: With a magnetic base and a commercial 9V battery

IP Rate: IP65 waterproof resistant

1. The  color for the luminous device must be "auto yellow"


2. Irradiation: the optical system must be designed that the light  covers a horizontal visibility field of 360 degrees and vertically a minimum of  ± 8 degrees up and down


3. Luminous intensity: the intensity must be in grade 0, between 40  and 80 effective candles, and in grades ± 8, of a minimum of 25 candles. In both  cases, the intensity must be over the minimum requested at least 30  minutes.


4. Degree of protection IP: At least it must be  IP65.


5. Stability: the equipment must be designed to remain stable on a  flat surface, not moving in front of an air current that exerts a dynamic  pressure of 180 Pa, in the most unfavorable direction for its  stability.


6. Flash frequency: The flash frequency must be between 0.8 and 2  Hz.


7. The operation of the light must be guaranteed at temperatures of  -30.ºC to 60.ºC.

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