Item No: 725

Product Description

Road Safety LED Warning Flare Lights kit with suitcase Model: GD-018-6

Warning flare lights with strong plastic-house, work perfectly as flexible marker lights, warning lights on vehicles - for laying on the road by accident. The lamps have a powerful magnet built in and can therefore be on your car, truck or or trailer sides, roof and ends.

The new version of the warning flares have 8 powerful white LEDs built in, which means that the flare lights can be used as a flashlight or for an extra marking in front.
The lamps contain rechargeable batteries that hold for approx. 17 hours of operation - completely depending on the selected function.
A charging adapter that plugs adapted to the suitcase
A cigarette plug adapter
220V adapter
Flare Diameter: 106 mm
Thickness: 35 mm
Rating: IP 67
Solid: Completely protected against dust
Liquid: Under water, between 15cm - 1m, for up to 30 min
Suitcase Dimension: 40*10*35CM

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