Model: TBD-DSP-001

Item No: 360

Product Description

)lightbar with LED display screen
2)Working voltage:DC12V/24V
4)Materials:PC Lens,aluminum base





1. Information screen is composed of display,controller and installation accessory.
2. Form made of high-performance PC material.Screen are available in amber and red
3. Frame made of hardness aluminum alloy,the surface is deal with anodizing,with excellent rot proofing,graceful figure,superrority workmanship
4. Screen composed of high-luminance LED module with 16×64 character lattice,transparent waterproof form. Can showed fixed or overturn under control,each time can display 4 Chinese words ,8 letter , 8 figure or 16×64 character lattice image.
5. The LED warning light composed of below:
a) Front side:8 LED modules,are available in red,blue,amber.the front lights working when the screen colsed
b) Rear side: 10pcs amber LED modules
c) Sides: 4pcs LED modules,are available in red,amber,blue
6)The electronic overturn machine composed of speed-down motor,advance screw,overturn arm and control circuit.The overturn angle can adjusted .
7) The controller control the work of display.with communication port easy for user connect with computer. user can edit images or words by themselves.
8) The controller with figure sound circuit,with loud speaker inside,with sound hint and sound signal output to support sound amplification.
9) Controller with button can control by manual.
10)Power and other buttons of controller can control warning lights.

Main performance

1) Enviroment Voltage: -30°c -70°c
2) Working power:DC 12V
3) Power: ≤ 25 W
4) LED display
resolution :64(X)×16(Y)
arrange of modules :8(X)×1(Y)
dimension of module:128mm×256mm
pels :1024 pixel
The whole display luminance >5000cd/ m2
Chromaticity amber / red
LED luminance:≤800mcd
angle of view:Level 90 Degree upright: 30Degree
space of pels:16mm
using life:100000H
Average fault-free working time:<1000 H
5) LED warning light
Flash frequency 60 groups per minute, Power: ≤ 40 W
6) Weight: 35 kg
7)  Dimension :1260 mm ×650mm×510mm   Copyright © 2004-2017 ALL Rights Reserved