Rotator light bar:TBD2121

Item No: 340

Product Description

Rotator lightbar  TBD2121

Product details

Lightbar will be used in Emergency Vehicle.such as Police car, Fire truck, Ambulance and soon...

Special lightbar with multifunctions for different kinds of vehiclesThe Lense of Rotator lightbar is made from high quality polycarbonate material with high rigidity and strong impact force. The surface of the dome have been plated with protective coating, which made colour not easy to fade. It is weather-proof, which means the superior sealed function. The base material is aluminum. The workingtemperature can be -45°C to 50°C.

Reliable control panel, with switches to control light bar .

This lightbar consists of 14 strobes, 2 straight light lamps, 4 LED lamps and one 100W speaker. Three sorts of strobes, the seven left blue strobes, the seven right red strobes and the front strobes, are supplied by the MK12 power supply. The LED lamps are supplied by the MK07 power supply. Four parts, the straight light lamps on the both sides, the siren, the MK12 and MK07 power supplies are directly supplied by the siren’s output supply.
Technical Data
Model TBD2121
Speaker can match with peaker
Color Of Dome Colored
working environment temperature -40℃-80℃
rated voltage DC12V or DC24V




.DC12V or DC24V
.Materials: PC and Aluminum Base
.Length: 1200MM



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