DC12V-24V LED-GRT-006A

Item No: 330

Product Description

Led Warning Light    LED-GRT-006A

Product details

. Using high power LEDs as light sources with reliable performance and low power consumption.
. Superior optical system, enabling excellent light forms and wide view angles.
. Flexible mountings within surface mount.
. Compact aluminum housing, good heat sink capability for heavy duty application.
. Diversified combination options of different overall lengthes are available.
. Colours are available within red, blue, white and amber for different combinations accorinding to customer demand.
. Inside standard flash patterns with maximum 15 options in the current design.
. LED flashing light/Vehicle LED light/Auto LED light



. DC12V-24V Multiple voltage

. Gen3rd 1W LED's ,Linear type , 4pcs per module

. 18 kinds flashing patterns, water-proof Ip67

. PC Lens, Aluminum base



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