Item No: 325

Product Description

super brightness LED warning Light

 Model: GD-017

1)led traffic warning light
2)Special lens is suitable with EU standard
3)Working automatically
4)Strobe light Warning light 

Using high-capacity battery as power, built-in IC chip control LED flash, this light has 9 user-selectable flash

patterns: ROTATE, double blink, single blink, alternative, SOS (morse code) for rescue, solid-on (high), solid-on (low),

2LED flashlight and 4LED flashlight. 

1. Warning Signal Visible up to Half a Mile 

2. Compact and highly visible can replace bulky triangle fixtures 

3. Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle, will not damage vehicle 

4. Finish. Can also be placed safely on the ground or roadway 

5. Casing is constructed of super high strength plastic with a flexible TPR plastic Shield. Unit is strong enough to

withstand being driven over by a truck. Completely Waterproof, it will even float 

6. Standard red LED is perfect for clear weather. In foggy conditions our yellow and blue LED's provide superior visibility 

7. In addition to the 9 flash patterns there is an emergency flashlight mode 

8. Keep in your vehicle at all times, battery can be stored up to 10 years 


* Economical 

Powered by a high capacity lithium battery with a storage life up to 10 years, storage temperatures from-4 °c to + 6°c. 

Run time up to 10 hours. 

* Safety 

Visible up to. Mile on road or water at night. Daytime visibility to100 feet. For emergency search the light is visible up to 10

miles from the air. 


1)led warning light
2)led bulb
3)Completely Waterproof
4)9 user-selectable flash
5)Warning Signal Visible up to Half a Mile

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