Hard Tactical Vest

Item No: 301

Product Description

Hard Tactical Vest

1)hard Tactical Vest
2)Color:Black and other
3)Type :Soft Tactical Vest
4)Anti-Riot Uniform:Violence proof suit

Fit body height:>175cm

Total protection proportion: >1.08m²

Material:High-performance project plastic+high molecular weight polythene non-fibre cloth

The ability of anti-puncture:20J kinetic energy to puncture,knife point is not puncture the protection layer.

The abitity of anti-impact:The impact of 120J kinetic energy,the protection layer is not damaged or broken.

Strike power absorbing performance:100J kinetic energy strike the protection layer,the colloid clay impress no excess 20mm.

Fireproof performance:the protection match the level FV-2,oxygen index of layer is no less than 28%.






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