Model: ARH-GRT-006

Item No: 285

Product Description

Anti-riot helmet
It is consists of the helmet shell, buffer layer,
comfortable layer to wear, Neck and Hand-type mask formed

Shell: PC / ABS,4mm thickness.

Visor : 2~3mm thickness, made by sclerous PC material ,fog proof, scratch proof, customer can

order visor and watertight strip rubber freely. Visor style: convex or flat  shape

Color :     Black/Green/White/ Customization 
Size:       L/M/S Adjustable
Chip strap: Rubber
Neck protector: Artificial proof
Packing:   9pcs/CTN  
 Weight≤ 1.60kg
Standar:  GA294-2001
Police helmet,anti-riot helmet,anti-control helmet,military helmet,police equipment



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